STOP.ebola is a memory game on Ebola. The game was developed in 2014 for Sierra Leone by with financial support from Cordaid. The purpose of the game is to inform and educate about Ebola in a playful way to prevent further spread of the deadly virus. The game was developed during the peak of the Ebola outbreak and was developed to stimulate communication between adolescents and adults and aid prevention of infection. During the development phase of the game, close collaboration was established with the government of Sierra Leone and other (inter)national NGO?s and professionals in the country.

STOP.ebola consists of 50 cards (25 pairs of cards), with drawings made by cartoonist De Monk from Sierra Leone. De drawings represent 5 main topics: contraction, prevention, treatment, the role of the community, and Myths and Truths on Ebola. Like in the other memory games, at the start of the game all cards are put on the table upside down. By turning around two cards at each turn, pairs of similar cards can be found. When all pairs are found, the meaning of the pictures is discussed by the players, guided by a facilitator. By using drawn illustrations to tell the Ebola story, the game is suitable to be played by illiterates.

STOP.ebola was produced in an edition of 10.000 copies and can be downloaded on this website. To order hard-copies of the game, kindly contact us via the contact form on this website. For the game facilitator a manual is included in which all illustrations are explained, added with general information.

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STOP.ebola downloading and playing
1) Download STOP.ebola?Sierra Leone

2) Print all photos twice and cut them out.

3) Paste all photos on pieces of carton or wood that are the same size as the photos.

4) Read the manual carefully before you play the game for the first time with a group.

?r download the gamel for?PC or?MAC.

Enjoy playing?STOP.ebola!