LOVE.check is a card game about HIV/AIDS based on the well-known memory game concept. The game consist of 70 cards with photo’s that all occur twice in the game. The game starts with all cards upside down on the table after which all pairs of the same cards are tried to be found by guess and memory. When all pairs are complete, the images on the cards are discussed by the players with support from a facilitator.

In combination with each other, all cards in the game form several story-lines. One story-line is about a family in which some members are HIV-positive or have AIDS. A second story-line is about falling in love, friendship, sexuality and HIV/AIDS. Yet another story-line tells of a girl who is at risk of becoming HIV-infected and a fourth story-line is about prejudice and stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS. The use of photo’s and images to tell a story, makes LOVE.check particularly suitable to use for people who cannot read or write (yet). The facilitator makes use of a clear instruction manual in which more is explained about the story-lines and the important educational messages in the game.

LOVE.check?was developed for South Africa, Thailand, China and the Netherlands. The story-lines are adapted per country so that it fits into local and cultural context for each country. For this reason, collaborated closely with several specialists and local teams in each country were the game was developed. The game is published in a printed version and can be downloaded through the website as well. For ordering printed versions of LOVE.check, please contact us through the contact form.

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LOVE.check downloading and playing
1) Download the game of your choice below.

LOVE.check Zuid Afrika: English, Afrikaans, Tswana, Zulu
LOVE.check Nederland
LOVE.check Thailand
LOVE.check China

2) Print all photos twice and cut them out.

3) Paste all photos on pieces of carton or wood that are the same size as the photos.

4) Read the manual carefully before you play the game for the first time with a group.

Enjoy playing LOVE.check!