In 2005, developed the game FAMILY.matters as assigned by HIV Vereniging Nederland.?This game is specifically developed for families with HIV-positive family members and their buddies. FAMILY.matters is designed according to the well-known memory game concept. ?The game consists of 70 cards (35 pairs of cards), with photos and pictures. At the start of the game, all cards are put on the table upside down. By turning around two cards at each turn, pairs of similar cards can be found. The pictures on the cards represent different ?stories? on HIV/AIDS. When all pairs are found, the meaning of the pictures is discussed by the players, guided by a facilitator.

The purpose of FAMILY.matters is to stimulate communication on what it means to live with HIV/AIDS and to encourage positive living?with HIV within the family context. FAMILY.matters was developed for the Dutch and Malawian context, but is currently available in different languages. For the Dutch version, the HIV Vereniging Nederland has added a special brochure with the title ?Tell me something?. Herein, questions are included like: HIV in your family, who to inform? What do you tell your child? How to handle the reactions from the neighbourhood?

The stories within the game are adapted per country to assure alignment with the local situation and cultural context. To enable this, several specialist and local teams have collaborated for each country game.

FAMILY.matters?is produced as a hard-copy game and can be downloaded on this website. To order the hard-copy games, kindly contact us via the contact form on this website.

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FAMILY.matters downloading and playing
1) Download the game of your choice below.

FAMILY.matters Nederland: Nederlands, English, French.
FAMILY.matters Malawi: English, French, Portugese, Chichewa, KiSwahili

2) Print all photos twice and cut them out.

3) Paste all photos on pieces of carton or wood that are the same size as the photos.

4) Read the manual carefully before you play the game for the first time with a group.

Enjoy playing FAMILY.matters!