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SRGR Filmtraining

In 2016, Dutch filmmaker Afra Jonker trained a group of Ghanaian adolescents on behalf of in basic filmmaking skills. The goal of these trainings was to obtain sufficient skills to produce short movies about the daily reality of young people in Ghana. Central in these movies are subjects on sexual health like assertiveness within relationships, teenage pregnancies, abortion and sexual abuse. The movies are meant to provide on a modern way educational messages on sexual health and to stimulate mutual discussions (also online) on these subjects.

This project resulted in the set-up of the BAPI filmteam. The name is chosen by the team itself and stands for: Be A Positive Influence. Currently (2017) the BAPI filmteam has produced several short movies, amongst which are films for My Jorley game. These movies in the My Jorley series?further elaborate on the stories and topics that are addressed in the game. For the SRHR film training in Ghana, collaborated with Ghanaian filmmaker Richard Apiu and grass-roots NGO Youth Advocates Ghana. also offers this SRHR film training for other countries. Kindly contact us via the contact form on this website for more information.

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